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Our list of loyal customers includes not only those listed here, but more than 80 other prominent companies. We’re proud to work for them – round the clock – meeting and exceeding all their managed
EDI needs.



Our customers tell us we provide the most advanced and effectively managed EDI solutions available.

“Promethean has been handling our managed EDI services for nearly a decade. There’s no way we could bring these services back in house with the level of attention to detail and service that Promethean provides for anywhere near the same cost.”

Paul Szentkiralyi – Director IT & Shared Services Americas
Knorr-Bremise & Bendix

“I know Promethean is doing their job because I don’t know they’re there. They just get it done and get it done right. Their attention to detail in managing every part of our EDI services has taken a huge weight off our IT Department, enabling us to focus our attention and resources on other programs.”

Steve Lykins –
Nordson Corporation

Promethean meets our needs to create new EDI trading partners, new transactions and support for existing trading partners/ transactions. Their capabilities have allowed us to effectively outsource this service at an overall cost savings. Promethean's turnkey services provide Hubbell with a single point of contact, minimizing coordination and ensuring that our transactions are moved between trading partners and translated without error or loss. Issues that are identified are addressed immediately and resolved quickly without any disruption in our production process."

Chuck Tencza –
VP, IT Hubbell Incorporated


Understanding Managed EDI Services.

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Selection criteria for choosing a managed EDI service provider.


Insider facts on what has happened with the EDI industry over the past year or so.



"Four years ago we were having lots of issues with various IT programs. Things just weren't working out. Promethean resolved the problems plaguing our system and far exceeded our expectations. They delivered more than they said they would. Promethean really took our EDI efforts to the next level." Chuck Teneza – V.P. Of IT, Hubbell.