Promethean Software Services

Promethean was the first over 20 years ago, and today Promethean continues to be the only EDI provider to offer an integrated network designed for the specific purpose of providing a custom-managed EDI solution.

Our History

The benchmark by which all others are measured.

Promethean Software Services, Inc. originated the concept of completely hosted managed EDI Services over 20 years ago under the name EC/EDI Inc. The company’s roots date back to 1993, when EC/EDI was created to provide tested turnkey EDI solutions for the fortune 1000. During the years that followed EC/EDI established itself as the most successful managed EDI service provider in the industry.

We are driven to provide the most comprehensive EDI solutions at the most competitive prices. We are motivated by the fact that most companies pay far too much for far too little EDI capability, reliability and service. As a result, in 2008, we changed our name to Promethean Software Services, Inc. to better reflect our goals, focus and broaden our B2B integration and EDI solutions.

While dedicated to pioneering managed EDI services, Promethean designed and constructed the “FireWeb Exchange Network,” the only value-added network in the industry capable of the advanced processing and customization requirements demanded from a viable managed EDI solution.

Today, Promethean maintains its lead in the area of managed EDI services with unrivaled experience, synchronized VAN technology and incomparable service levels. As a result, Promethean maintains the highest customer retention rate in the industry and has never lost a managed EDI service customer to another provider in its 20-year history.

In an environment in which any “EDI ” company can call itself a provider of managed EDI services, Promethean is proud to stand alone as the acknowledged benchmark by which all others are measured.


The word Promethean is a derivative of “Prometheus” the mythological Greek hero. Prometheus created the first man from clay and stole fire from the gods to give to mankind.

The goddess Athene taught him powerful useful skills like architecture, astronomy, mathematics, navigation, and medicine. Which he in turn taught to mankind. As a result, man saw the coming of the age of enlightenment and has prospered ever since.

Therefore, to be “Promethean” is to be bold, creative and intelligent – the helper of mankind.

We believe there is no better way to describe our company, our innovative and leading solutions and our unmatched track record of focused and responsive customer service.